Thursday, June 25, 2009


Welcome to LDS girls camp. Ironic huh? We don't swear yet.......... Whatever! There was tie dying and my BFF Mallory X made one. I said It looked like a unicorn horn and so she wanted me to take a picture she thought that it soooooooo funny.
Since the camp normally has boys and girls (except during girls camp), there's a boys bathroom there and since there weren't any boys the girls used a boys bathroom. UGH!!!!!! So here's me goofing off in front of the uranuls. (Which last year I thought was sink YEWWWW!!!!)
This is Jack&$^(&%$&$& Falls as seen from above during the hike. It's the only water at camp becides a stream that at it's deapest is only like 2 1/2 feet deep! It would make camp just that much better if there were somewhere to swim!
This is Jack (&)&%*(_^$#@ Rock. Named for wild donkeys. The camp is named after it and next year as a fourth year I have to climb it! Yipes!!!!!


greg.stacey.jonas said...

You got me excited to go to camp with all your stories.

Your Sabrina's are almost breaking 100 on our DVR.

Jk! close though.

Myra said...

Hey Tori, I hope that you had a really fun time at camp! (And by the looks of it, you did!) :D

Twilight Kitten said...

that unicorn pic of me is messed up. u have to send it 2 me :)