Friday, September 11, 2009

Somtimes math sparks the oddest brainwaves!

When Number's Fall in Love
By Tori C. and 8(-22+x)=0
Based on a real math problem
The laws of math state that in the case of a multi-step equation, that "The object of a number's life is to isolate the variable." As such variables live very lonely lives after a few minutes of high action with themselves only, some variables are luckier than others. For example, in the case of 49n-15, it cannot be simplified and still is with other numbers.
8 was not a variable and it was the happiest day of her life. Today was the day she would be multiplied! She was thrilled! She never thought she'd be a product! She hadn't had the best upbringing in the world. Her parents were exponents. It was odd to have three parents who were all twos.
She was madly in love with her fiance, -22. Even though he was a negative and she a positive, she knew that she could change him to a positive if she just had the right inverse operation. She was certain she and -22 would never be (gasp) DIVIDED!
Her maid of honor was her best friend x. X was a variable but she was 8's BFF. -22 thought it was risky to have an "unknown" in the ceremony, but he knew she had to have a good absolute value to be 8's best friend.
As 8 performed the first part of the "wedding" ceremony (the distributive property), x cried as she became 8x, and the groomsmen (parentheses) sat down. X remained standing to see as 8 and -22 became Mr. and Mrs. -176. Then as the newly- products crossed the equals sign together as 176 (performing the inverse operation), they were so happy, especially -22 now that he was positive.
8x was worried. Products were generally happier if they stayed away from variables but she was brave. She and 8 divided, and 8 crossed the sign and divided herself by 176 leaving x=22. 22 couldn't be sad because he was now a positive, but he was still a little dissapointed. He had really wanted to stay a product, but he learned a vital lesson...............
MATH STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Myra said...

Ehhh! =o That's so cool! But yet, somehow, it's a little sad. Poor x. Anyway, that was amazing. :o