Saturday, November 8, 2008

Inkheart a summary I didn't write

Inkheart an good book about a girl called Meggie. Meggie is a girl the age of twelve who lives in Italy with her father, Mortimer, but Meggie has always called him Mo. Mo is a bookbinder who loves books and so does Meggie, although unlike most fathers he has never read out loud to her since her mother "left".When Meggie can't sleep she lays down with a book and reads by candlelight, even though Mo has told her many times not to, when she is sad she reads, and when she has nightmares she runs to mo's room and reads, nothing allows her to fall asleep better than a book and the sound of Mo's soft breathing. At night she falls asleep with a book under her pillow and swears that sometimes she can hear it whispering to her. Mo has always told Meggie the truth about everything or so Meggie thinks.
"Some books should be tasted
some devoured but
only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly."
(Inkheart is one of those that need to be digested thoroughly)
This poem is on Mo's Workshop door.

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