Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Odd facts

Why do things work the way they do? IDK.

  1. When I want people to give me blog comments they don't.
  2. When I say a random thing about an ABC sitcom it comes true.
  3. When you have a zit if you put toothpaste on it it helps.
  4. In science they drill something into your head and then throw in the exception.
  5. Most movies I like is almost always 20 years old and something no one my age has seen.
  6. I 2nd grade I faked reading and in 3rd I read my longest book ever HP5
  7. Listerine on your feet makes them smell good.


missbritt said...

ew i have never heard of listerine on your feet. and i totally agree with you about science!!

GrEg.sTaCeY.jOnAs said...

I hear ya on the movie one. the toothpaste thing never worked for me.

icklopa was the verification code. weird

Myra said...

Does the Listerine make feet smell minty fresh?