Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Extra AGAIN!

UGH! Extra again! It seems like that's all I'll ever be in a musical and now extra again! STINKISH!!!!!!!!!


missbritt said...

i never even had the guts to try out for any plays - so ultimate GJ for that. but sorry that they haven't realized your true potential!

Myra said...

Aww, don't worry Tori. They just fail at realizing your super talent. One day you will be living in a mansion with tons of money, and while your chillin' by the pool, you'll be getting all these calls from directors begging you to be the star of their new movie. And then you'll get a call from whoever made you an extra and they'll be all like "Tori! Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase come help us out with our new production! We desperately need your acting abilities!" And you'll just be like, "Well, sorry, but I'm just an EXTRA in those school plays." Then you'll find another director and star in their movie. Next thing you know, you're all over Hollywood and Broadway! It's their own fault for not seeing your wonderfull skills! D:< But you'll show them how good you are. :) (Hope I helped a little. ^_^)