Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Now we all love cookies! I mean who doesn't?! If I do say so myself, I have been know to make GOOOOOOOOOOOOD cookies. I probobly inherited that particular gean from my grandpa Wallwork. His cookies are FAMOUS in our stake! Here is a story about a little boy who LOVED cookies.

When Little Jonasand his mom came over to Grandma and Auntie Tori's house Jonas had no idea that he would have sooooooooo much fun with his Auntie Tori! She gave him a new toy car! (see thecattons for details about jojo's car obbsession) It was a bug/police car aand grandma said, "Jonas what's the car's name?" Jonas replyed, "It's name is Daddy's car." then Jonas satand Auntie Tori read him for half an hour. While grandma and Jonas' mommy went for a walk, Auntie Tori made COOKIES! Jonas had one and was HOOKED! "MORE! MORE! I WANT ANOTHER COOKIE!" He got another cookie. When his mommy wasn't looking he reached up and grabbed a cookie and he ate it up! :-)


Julie said...

ha ha tor! he looks so cute. I'm not surprised he loved your cookies! I love them too!

Amy K said...

Me too!