Friday, March 13, 2009

Imporv night

Tommorow I'm gonna be in my school"s improv night. (to those of you who don't do drama terms it's like Who's Line is it Anyway?)

Some of the games are..................
  1. Questions only (you do a scene while only asking questions)
  2. Anti-freeze (you do a scene yell, "FREEZE!" enter the scene and it's a scene that happend before the previous scene)
  3. Bunny ( Don't know how to explain without showing)
  4. Doo rap ( you get a word and rap a sentence ending in that word then you go, "Boom tch a boom boom tch a-doo rap rap rap a-doo rap rap!" then you have to ryme with the word if you don't you're out)
  5. The mind game (2 people are people and 2 people are their thoughts one person talks then their thoughts do and you do a scene)
  6. Ho Down (same as doo rap except you sing a country song)
  7. Blind line (the audience writes down a random thing on a piece of papaer you pick it up while saying a line and read it then let feed your scene)
  8. And the fun game that doesn't seem to have a name (you pick a book and a page then you play a 3 person scene and one person cna only say what's on that page [nto nessicarily in order])

IMPROV IS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Myra said...

Ooh, that sounds really fun! Be sure to enjoy yourself! :)