Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our FUN trip!


We wake up. We go to Karen's. Drewby says "Eh fun trip!!!!" (he doesn't talk too well yet). We drive about 3 1/2 and stop in Tahachapi CA. We go to a bakery only to find NO BATHROOM! But my mom gets some pastries and I look at the funny quotes on the walls like "Life is short....... Eat dessert first!" Rest of the day flies by in driving and listening to HP7 on iPod until we get to Provo, we go into the Wilkinson's center on BYU campus and see.....................
JULIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had to close up shop and to add comic effect for the benefit of Drew she exaggerates her movements. We go to Juju and Chris' apartment and it's hot! We drive to Draper and Karen's other son, Dalin, had his nightly freak out and cried the whole way there. Then we got to my mom's cousin, Lorna's, house. Then within half an hour we're all asleep!

I wake up pretty late around 10:45. I played with Mr. Drew in Lorna's awesomely awesome backyard, complete with not one but 2 trampolines, complete swing set, badminton net, and plain and simple SPACE to run around in. Then we went to the BYU bookstore with Julie and Chris. Drew and Dalin got T-shirts that said "My first BYU T-shirt" with the baby cougar on it. I wanted to get the shirt that said "Friends don't let friends go to the U of U" but it had the adult cougar and I wanted the baby one. So I got that one. Then we realized that my mom, Karen, myself, and most likely the little boys were sooooooo thirsty!!!!!!!! So Juju and Chris went to this restaurant that they'd hyped up called the brick oven. It was pizza and it was sooooooooooooooo good and it had GREAT root beer!!! Then we went to the BYU Creamery it was soooooo good! While there Chris and I had a good time singing Into the Woods(he was the wolf in high school and I hope to be the Witch, Cinderella, or even Red Riding hood next year [my freshmen year of high school]). Then we went back to Draper and Dalin cried his head off but somehow I was able to comfort him. Crazy huh? We also went to this duck pond it was fun and Drew had a blast!


I got up then I got dressed in Sunday best. I have this cute dress it's navy blue and I always get compliments so I wore it that day because that was no ordinary Sunday. That Sunday I went to Salt Lake. I went to two places that I found humbling to say the very least. These two places really adjusted my perspectives. Until then I thought my choir was great! Until then I thought Clovis North's Concert Hall was great! Until then I thought Fresno Temple was the most pretty in the world!
BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our visit to the Salt Lake temple proved the latter wrong.

Our trip to Music and the Spoken Word's End of the 80th year Broadcast in the BEAUTIFUL LDS conference center proved the former wrong and reinforced my desire to join the choir myself. (Where Chris lost his phone.) (Later found by my mom.)

Then we visited one of the vistor's center where Drew folded his arms to prevent anyone form holding his hands and lots of stangers thought "Oh! He's sooo reverent!! :)"Then we had dinner with Lorna after church and I went and spent the night over at Juju's place.


We got up at five and hiked the Y and that purple dot is where Julie, Chris, and I where were to see the sunrise. It was sooo hard to go up that at turn 7 yackity yack I threw up from over excertion. It was embaressing but I got up!

Then we went to Dessert Industries and got stuff for Harry Potter premiere costumes. The rest of the day I spent in Draper at Lorna's running after Drew in that vast backyard.


I woke up and watched Monster's Inc. with Drew and I played darts. Then we went to the Oquirrh Mountain open house. It was a GREAT!!!!! SOOOO PRETTY!!!

For lunch we ate Einstein's bagels YUM!!!! Then I went to Juju's and she dressed me up. At first I thought I was going to be Graupe Hagrid's giant half brother but then I realized that I looked my like another character that more people would recognize . So I said I was Fenrear Grayback, the savage werewolf. No one got it.

We went to a BYU party called Harry Potter Fest. It was fun. There was a trivia game I got into the top 9 or 10 and I knew the answer to like every question but the one they asked me was totally unfair! No would be able to answer it! Not even JK Rowling herself! "In book 3 what did Ron say Malfoy would be as sick as when he learned that Harry had the firebolt." BOGUS!!!!!!!! Chris as Ron played "Muggle" Quidditch. While that was happening Juju and did a scavenger hunt around BYU campus.


Julie, Chris and watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at 12:10. It had some funny parts but overall didn't live up to expectations. Slept for three hours went to breakfast sooooo tired I don't remember it. Slept in the car until we got Primm. Rest of the day past in a blur of driving the sound of Dalin crying, and the taste of fries and m+m's. Then we got home!



Twilight Kitten said...

Nice hair for the Harry Potter thing. :) the drew folding his arms thing is hilarious. hey, the 'life's dessert first' thing is genius. Its 1 of my many mottos. haha lol glad ur back in fresno. i want to be there!!!!!!!

Myra said...
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Myra said...

Hey there Tori! I'm so glad that you had so much fun! :)

Julie said...

We did have quite a fun time, huh? I love this entry!