Saturday, August 8, 2009

Into the Woods

As you may have noticed in my past posts I like live theater a lot. A whole lot. See all the stuff about wonderful town and my outrage at the Phantom of the Opera sequel. I also LOVE performing live theater. This year, my high school freshmen year, my school is doing Sontime's Into the Woods. That's a good one! I've been memorising the songs all summer and I've got them pretty much tucked away in my head! They're great and odd and funny here's a funny line from a song called Into the Woods. (Ooo that names a shocker considering the name of the musical! That's like the show Oklahoma having a song called........ Oklahoma!)This line describes an old cow.
"There's a lump on her rump big enough to be a hump!"
This one is something Little Red Riding Hood says about going to Granny's.
"Into the woods to bring some bread to Granny who Is sick in bed. Never can tell what lies ahead. For all that I know, she's already dead!"
Silly huh! And of course I'm even more phsyed because Brother-in-Law Chris was in it (the wolf) and all the time we were in Utah he and I sang the songs all the time! Julie must be sooooooo bored of "Hello Little Girl"!
I can't wait! I'd love to be the witch or the bakers wife (but I'd never take that role!) or Little Red Riding Hood (but I'm too tall to play a little girl!). If I get in at all which is to be seen the role I'd most likely get is Jack's mother (the one who says "there's a lump on her rump").
I'm gonna audition with the song I gotta crow from Peter Pan! That's a fave of mine! The oddest part of the whole thing is that the audition process is that the the audition is on
Crazy huh? I've made a collage of pix of the different chacters like Snow White and the wolf ect. and if I don't get in I'll only be able show it for less than a day and it's a good one (would put it on here but it won't let me!) CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Myra said...

Good luck, Tori! :)
I'm sure you'll do great!